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Thousands of years ago, a butterfly opened its wings under the sun of the east to take flight towards the West and this story began to unfold…

In ancient China, the mulberry tree was cherished as one of the three trees of life and from its leaves, the mystical silkworm spun a radiant thread which was woven into the elite of China’s export…silk.

Desiring eternal beauty, the Emperess of “SINOSILK” silk sent her royal court physicians to discover a secret which would prolong her youth and beauty. The result was the transformation of silk into a precious protein which allows the skin to breathe and protects against the element. For thousands of years it has been used in creams and lotions to clothe the skin of Chinese women and keeping it pristine. 

During the Ming Dynasty, the most famous physician of the royal court, Dr. Li Shih-Chen recorded in his book. “Classical Chinese Material Medica”, the improvement of the skin after the use of the silk powder. Admired for the skin, translucent as the luster of a pearl, the beauty of the Chinese women has inspired poets and artists through the ages. 

The composition of the average skin contains 66% water, 25% protein, 7% fat, saccharide and inorganic salts. In a healthy skin, these components and maintained in a reasonable equilibrium. As the skin matures, the aging process and exposure to the elements decrease the secretion of these essential oils and proteins, transforming the skin from resilient and translucent to dry and fragile. 

Containing an average of 20 amino acids, a hydrolytic solution from natural mulberry silk protein brings the richness of silk to each of our products and balances the most components of our skin. The silk peptide imp roves skin resilience, reduces the aging factor by discouraging the formation of superoxide free radical.

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Today you can share in the timeless pleasure of the SINOSILK production. Penetrate the SINOSILK secret.

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These pictures are taken in Wuxi, China

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