Silk Powder

It is a kind of powdery high molecular protein with a molecular of 100,000, which is no taste, no smell, and is micro-dissolved in water, but not in ethanol. For making the silk cosmetics, the fineness of silk powder is generally between 1-100?/span>,if the grain size is too big, the smoothness of silk powder shall be poor,and give people the feeling of crude, but it would spoil the structure of natural silk material if the grain size is too fine. Since the surface gloss of silk is caused by the light interference effect on the silk surface, the fineness should be treated properly during the production process for silk powder, so as to keep the best standards of fineness, as well as the unique natural luster of it. 

There are two specifications of silk powder for making cosmetics as follows:

    (1) General silk powder is the irregular mixture microscope viewing field, which the fineness≤90?/span>.

    (2) Micro-crystalline silk powder is the even crystal in needle state, which the fineness≤5?/span>.

Compared with the general silk powder, the grain size of micro crystalline silk powder is much fine in regular microlitic structure, and possesses the natural luster, which is easy to mix with different cosmetics raw materials.

Application property

    (1) The silk powder is an excellent natural moisture-adjusting factor because of its hydrophilic group existed in its molecular structure (such as OH,-COOH,-NH2 etc). A thin layer of silk powder adhered to the skin surface can absorb or release the moisture along with the change of temperature & humidity of skin surface, to prevent and cure the dermatosis caused by moisture or dry conditions in certain degree, and to keep your skin in hygiene.

    (2)The original structure of silk powder not only can reflect part the ultraviolet ray, but also can absorb part of it. Therefore, both the silk powder & the anti-sunburn face-cream to get the better skin-protecting results.

    (3)The silk powder, similar to and better than the whitish soil, possesses the unique ability of keeping the oil, therefore, it is suitable for the cosmetics applied to the oily skin.

    (4)Because of its special structure of decreasing the reflective light, the silk powder, applying to the cosmetics on the mica powder, can reflect the real & soft color naturally. Compared with talcum powder or titanium white powder, the silk powder have the excellent character of air permeability which can be applied to those powder beauty cosmetics, such as the face powder or rouge etc.

    (5)The silk powder also has a certain function of antianaphylaxis.

 Table 2. Physicochemical, hygienic indexes of silk powder




white or gray


no abnormal smell

average fineness, ?/span>m

(1)≤90         (2)≤5

nitrogen content ,% (W/W)


pH value


drying shrinkage ,% (W/W)


burning residue ,% (W/W)




(heavy metal content) (Pb)  





(aerobic bacterial count ,num/g)


fecal coliforms


pseudomonas aeru


staphylococcus aureus


(1) silk powder   (2) micronized silk powder

Package: This product is packed in the compound plastic bag in 500g. It should be kept in cold, dry & no direct light place for two years period of quality guarantee.

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