Soybean  Peptide  

Soybean multi-functional peptide is derived from soybean by zymolysis process. It is a mixture of low molecular weight (average 1000) peptides, which are composed of 3-6 amino acids. Soybean multi-functional peptide is highly water soluble, and has a high and balanced amino acid content. It is easily digested and absorbed by the body. Soybean multi-functional peptide can also be used as a natural health food (medicine) source, because it can adjust autonomic nerve and activate cell immunity.  

A. Features and benefits
      1. High nutrition, excellent digestibility

Of all vegetable proteins, only the soy protein provides 2-5 year old children with all the essential amino acids specified by FAO/WHO/UNU in 1985. Amino acid composition of soybean peptide is almost the same as that of soy protein. Those babies allergic to milk protein can use it as a milk substitute.

Recent metabolic studies have shown that dietary proteins are mostly hydrolyzed into peptides by digestive enzyme in the stomach and intestine and then are digested and absorbed by the intestine in the form of peptides. Labeled isotope experiments in vivo show that the soybean peptide has higher digestibility than milk protein and general amino acids do. Clinically, soybean peptide can be used as nutrition supplement for dyspepsia babies and seniors, convalescents after surgeries (especially alimentary tract surgeries), people with strain of lumbar muscles, dyspepsia persons requiring a large amount of proteins, and people antigenically allergic to proteins. It can help them return to balanced nutrition status sooner than injected amino acids.

2. Glucose reduction

Soybean peptide is an effective ingredient of
α-glucosidase inhibitor. By slowing down the digestion of sucrose and starch, and preventing glucose level from rapidly rising, it can lower the glucose level.

3. Blood pressure and cholesterol reduction

Soybean peptide inhibits angiotensin inverting enzyme activity, so it can prevent peripheral blood vessel from contracting. Therefore, it can help hypertensive lower their blood pressure and has no effects on normal people. It can also reduce harmful LDL-cholesterol level in serum, but it does not decrease healthy HDL-cholesterol level. The more important is that soybean peptide can prevent cholesterol from rising after normal people take meat, eggs, and animal viscera with high cholesterol content. (The mechanism is unclear. The reason might be that soybean peptide can combine with cholesterol to prevent cholesterol absorption.)

4. Lipid metabolism enhancement, glucose reduction, and weight loss

Animal experiments in Japan showed after rats were fed with soybean peptide, the activity of heat generating fat BAT was stimulated. The more soybean peptide is fed, the higher activity is. It was found that obese children lost weight by having soybean peptide, because soybean peptide can decrease subcutaneous fat deposition, and increase fat burning and basal metabolism. Therefore, it is a safe and effective weight loss food (medicine) for obese children. With another benefit of glucose reduction, it can be taken for a long time to effectively control weight.

5. Yeast starter, gel softner, moisture retention agent for baked foods, and protein vesicant in food industry

Soybean peptide can promote microorganism (Bifidobucterium) growth, stimulate metabolism, proliferate lactobacillus and fungi, and increase CO2 production of bread yeasts. Due to its good water absorption and moisture retention, soybean peptide can be used as an addictive during bread and cake baking to avoid dryness and extend their valid storage time. Soybean peptide has good foamability. Studies show that its foamability is as 4 times high as general proteins.

6. Health food addictive for seniors

Due to illness and senescence, seniors can hardly take enough protein. Since soybean peptide has excellent digestibility, it is a protein supplement for the old and weak.

7. New fermentation foods, intensifying agent and alcohol removing agent for fermentation beverage

Soybean peptide can promote microorganism growth and metabolism, so it can be used in yogurt, cheese, vinegar, bread and soy sauce production to increase production efficiency and to improve the stability, nutrition, and flavor of products. Generally, protein cannot be dissolved in acid beverages. However, soybean peptide is easy to be dissolved in acid beverages and the solubility is not affected by PH. Soybean peptide is able to increase the concentrations of alanine and leucine in the blood to produce stable NAD, which can facilitate alcohol metabolism and then decrease alcohol concentration in the body. Therefore, soybean peptide has a benefit of alcohol removing and liver protection. In addition, athletes’ strength is proportional to the muscle mass. The more exercise, the more energy (protein and amino acid) is needed. Soybean peptide has a lower molecular weight. It is much easier to be digested than proteins and amino acid. It can also expedite the lipid metabolism process of transferring fat to energy so as to provide athletes with energy and to help them recover from fatigue.

8. Other benefits

Due to its good moisture absorption and retention, soybean peptide can be used as a substitute for collagen protein peptides and milk protein peptides in cosmetics. The benefits are effective, safe, nontoxic, and skin-protective.

B. Physical and chemical properties

1. Physical properties

This product is the white or/and yellowish powder and water-soluble.

2. Chemical properties



crude protein


dissociated amino acid






Arsenic mg/kg


Mercury mg/kg


Lead mg/kg


Sugar and others


Soluble nitrogenNSI


Average molecular weight


Average peptide length


        3. Hygiene characteristics



Bacteria cfu/g


E. coli mpn/100g


morbifical bacteria

Not detected

4. Toxicity

This product is not toxic and contains no preservatives.

  C. Content detection  

1. Total nitrogen detection: refer to GB5009

2. Molecular weight analysis: refer to P.R.China pharmacopoeia 2000

  D. Packaging, storage, and transportation

        1. This product is packed by polyethylene plastic bag, and covered with kraft paper barrel. Each barrel
            weighs 20kg. It can also be packed according to customers’ requirements.

. This product should be stored in dry, shady and cool places. A 10cm moistureproof tray should be
            set up on the ground. It cannot be stored with corrosive or toxic substances. Warning: protect
            from rain, moisture, bugs, and rats.  

. Under the first two conditions, the shelf period is 12 months from manufacturing date.  

Soybean peptide applications

Excellent digestibility

Sports foods for weight loss, muscle mass increase, recovery from fatigue

Soybean peptides beverage

Instant soy milk powder


Jelly etc.

Functional foods

Protein foods for allergic people

Protein foods for cholesterol reduction

Protein foods to inhibit blood pressure rising

Nourishing foods for special patients,

Intestinal tracts nourishing foods,

Liquid foods for dyspepsia babies

Low viscosity, acid soluble, muscle mass increase, Lipid metabolism enhancement, recovery from fatigue

Low antigenicity,

cholesterol reduction,

to inhibit blood pressure rising

Moisture retention




Skin cream

Promote microorganism proliferation and useful metabolic products

Promote yeast proliferation and CO2 production

Improve foods physical properties,

Soften protein gel

Fermentation industry

Enzyme production

Lactic acid fermentation

Soy sauce and vinegar production

Cheese production

Bread industry


High protein products

Ham, sausage

Fish pastry,high animal protein products

Soybean peptide

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