Pearl from Lake Taihu-one of the five biggest fresh water lakes in China

Pearl Powder

Today more than ever people are actively trying to preserve their youthful appearance. Key to that is healthy skin. Many people are looking for a wrinkle remover to get rid of lines around their mouth, or wrinkles in their forehead.

Pearl powder is one of the oldest most trusted Asian skin care beauty secrets. In use for over 1000 of years.

According to ancient texts and records including  the "Compendium of Materia Medica," up thru the current "Pharmacopoeia PRC edition" pearl has been used for medicinal purposes from China for over 2000 years. Pearl has a reputation of being a medicine for treating certain diseases as well as preserving a youthful appearance.

                                                                                                                             Before 1980s, we developed pearl powder, however, its particles were coarse due to the limitation of processing technology. The average diameter was over 15μm, the absorption rate was low if taken orally. It was not easily absorbed by skin if used as cosmetics. In 1990s, hydrolytic technology was introduced and hydrolyzed pearl powder was developed. Though the product improves the absorption rate dramatically, hydrolysis destroys amino acids, active substances and trace elements, only 6-7 amino acids remain. Now we adopt advanced technology without any chemical treatment and manufacture very fine pearl powder directly. The product retains the integrity of natural pearl powder and can be absorbed by human stomach, intestine and skin.

In traditional Chinese medicine pearl powder is taken internally and applied topically. 

Used internally, pearl powder is believed to to: Detoxify the system; Clean and clear the skin; Remove age and liver spots on the skin; Give the skin a younger appearance; Adjust the body energy; Calm the liver; Relieve stress from the mind; Treat sore throat; Adjust the nerve system; Regulate the metabolism; Improve eyesight; Treat insomnia; and Energize the body. 

When pregnant women and breast-feeding women take it, Pearl Powder is believed to speed up bone development and promote intelligence in babies.

When used topically, 100% pure pearls crushed into pearl powder are famous for keeping skin smooth, soft, and lustrous looking; it is also used in treatment of open sores burns, and cuts; as well as homeopathic cure for fever. (these claims are not approved by the FDA; however according to traditional Chinese medicine above are the symptoms pearl powder is used to treat).  

Table1. Standard Analysis for Pearl Powder


100% Pearls crushed into Pearl Powder


> 0.55%


White Powder

Calcium :







Slight Tartness

Coliform Bacteria:


 Particle diameter




Table2. Each Gram Contains the following Amino Acids

Aspartic Acid Threonine Serine
Glutamic Acid Proline Glycine
Alanine Cystine Methionine
Isoleucine Leucine Tyrosine
Phenylanine Lysine Histidine

Package: This product is packed in the compound plastic bag in 500g. It should be kept in cold, dry & no direct light place for two year’s period of quality guarantee.

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