Silk Museum

Famed as the hometown of silk, Wuxi silk experienced a long history equaling that of Roman. With years of evolvement, the silk-making techniques has been innovated on the basis of traditional producing process, which was invented more than 6,000 years ago, from when silk was exported to Asia, Europe and Africa along the Old Silk Road, making an outstanding contribution to world civilization.

Our Silk Museum is multi-functional, and combines exhibits with demonstrations of silk weaving. Exhibits on display in its various exhibition halls reflect the origin, evolution and development of silk production. Among the exhibits are traditional silk looms, fragments of silk from various dynasties.

Since the founding in 2001, our museum has attracted numerous visitors from home and abroad. In our museum visitors can see some precious silk relics and also the weaving tools and observe the whole process of silk production.

There is also a silk store, full of silk products, traditional Chinese clothes, men’s leisure suits, embroidered women’s dresses, children’s clothes, pajamas, embroidered bathrobes, towels, neckties, silk fabric, scarves, embroidered handicrafts, tablecloths, and bed linens, which can be purchased down the street for a quarter the price here. Enjoying a high reputation for its silk products, it mainly deals top grade silk fineries at acceptable prices. Its satisfactory services are also a great attraction.

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